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Rating Of Air Humidifiers For Home

Researchers believe that the relative humidity of air 50-60% is more comfortable for a man. However, usually in a living room, it rarely exceeds 40-45%, and in winter it may drop less than 20%. Dry air not only worsens the quality of sleep, increases irritability, but also can cause drying and rapid aging of the skin, the spread of infections. It is especially important to monitor the humidity in the apartment where the child lives: a number of doctors believe that for the health of the baby the humidity of the room should be at least 60%. To achieve such indicators, one has to resort to the help of special devices - humidifiers.


At the moment, the market is spreading three groups of moisturizers: ultrasonic, steam and traditional. We'll talk about the difference between different types of devices, consider the "top" models of each group and determine which air humidifier is best for an apartment or a house.


The best ultrasonic air humidifiers


This type of instrument turns water into steam by means of ultrasonic vibrations. The built-in fan directs steam to the room.


The main disadvantage of ultrasonic humidifiers is that steam can contain the same impurities that were in the water. Hard water, rich in salts, leads to the fact that things and furniture remain white. Salts also enter the lungs, which can provoke attacks in asthmatics and allergies, reducing the benefits of the humidifier to none.


Even filters provided by manufacturers are not always able to completely eliminate this problem, and the use of distilled water complicates and increases the cost of operation. Replaceable filter cartridges need regular replacement and this - serious additional costs.


Electrolux EHU-1020D


So, we have an ultrasonic humidifier from a well-known Swedish company. Device laconic design and classic white color. In our opinion, Electrolux EHU-1020D is designed for fans of interiors from IKEA. The size of the "box" - 170x290x285 mm and weight 2.72 kg. Dimensions are small considering the large capacity for water - it holds 4.5 liters of liquid. At the declared expense (300 ml / h), one "load" is enough for 15 hours - and this is an excellent indicator. According to the users' feedback, this data fully corresponds to reality, moreover, at the minimum capacity of water in the tank can last up to 36 hours. A humidifier can consume up to 30 meters when consumed at 25 watts.


The model has a small digital display, power adjustment, humidity sensor, ionization function, water pre-treatment (softening filter) and air. There is a pair of lights, but there is no illumination of the touch control buttons, which prevents switching programs in the dark.


The main problem EHU-1020D, according to customers, is the complexity of purchasing "consumables", that is, filters: the manufacturer no longer produces cartridges for this model. Also, there are complaints of defects in products and incorrect data from the humidity sensor, which is why automatic modes often work incorrectly.


The cost of the humidifier is about 6000 rubles.


Boneco U201A


The model of the Swiss brand Boneco is included in many ratings of the best models of ultrasonic air humidifiers for the home. Customers are attracted by the streamlined shape of the device and three colors - green, blue and white. The design is as simple as possible: mechanical control, no humidity sensor, there is a demineralizing filter and a low water indicator.


With a power of 20 W, he, according to the manufacturer, must cope with an area of 47 square meters. The water tank is 3.6 liters in volume, which allows the device to be quite compact (240x270x120 mm) and at the same time to work 10-15 hours without topping up the liquid. And the humidifier Boneco U201A is quiet - its noise level is only 25 dB. However, if the humidifier is really no complaints, then the claimed power users say that in reality the effect of the humidifier can be felt in a room no more than 20-25 square meters.


The average price is about 5700 rubles.




The air humidifier from REDMOND is made in the general design concept of this manufacturer: a stylish black case with small silver inserts. The characteristics of the device are also impressive - humidification of air with a large area of the room (up to 45 meters), a prolonged guarantee (25 months), a volume tank (6 liters). According to feedback from users, the tank is really enough for a long time, up to a day of continuous work. But the power consumption is several times higher than the previous ones - 130 W.


Customer complaints mainly concern loud sound when the buttons are pressed and the low water level sensor signal. Some write that in the course of work the device is quite noisy, so it is not worthwhile to put it in a bedroom or a nursery. But the main problem of buyers is the lack of spare parts: they were removed from production and at the moment branded service centers do not repair this model.


The cost of the device is about 7500 rubles.


The best steam humidifiers


This type of device uses the simplest principle of air humidification: water is heated, turning into steam, which then enters the room. In essence, steam humidifiers differ little from an electric kettle or boiler.


Because of these features of the device, they are unsafe, unlike other types of humidifiers, since hot steam can burn. From the steam raises the temperature in the room. It's not bad if the apartment is cold, but in the warm season will create an additional problem. Energy consumption of steam humidifiers is much higher than other types, as water must be boiled.


However, they have a number of advantages: the steam engine can raise the humidity to 100%, other types are limited to 60-80%. This advantage is somewhat controversial since such a high level for domestic purposes is almost never needed. Moreover, 100% humidity can lead to dew, damage to furniture, wooden floor, and laminate.


But the steam from the device comes out clean, without salt impurities, so there will be no white coating on the furniture. Devices can be used for inhalation and aromatherapy. 

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